Saturday, April 6, 2013

Kommala Jatara

Kommala Jatara is held once in every year.  The jatara starts on the day of Holi – ‘Phalguna Pournami’ and ends on the sixth day.  On the fifth day there will be “rathotsavam” and sixth day “kalyanam” of Laxminarasimhaswamy with Neeladevi.    As more people are coming, the jatara period is extended to 15days, starting five days earlier and ending later.

Kommala is a village in Warangal situated on the road to Narsampet.  The temple is on top of rock.  The deity – Lord Laxminarasimhaswamy is situated between two rocks.  Apart from the one sculpted on the rock; there are idols of the main deity along with Sreedevi and Neeladevi for worship.  There is a story attached to this place. 

Long, long ago, a farmer in the village had bumper yield of crop.  He was alone and could not harvest it.  Then a small boy came and offered his help.  He asked for one bundle of harvest as wages.  The farmer agreed and the boy finished his job in few hours and made entire harvest a single bundle.  He then asked the farmer for some water.  The farmer went to bring water and by the time he came, the boy disappeared.  The farmer had a dream that night and Lord Laxminarasimhaswamy instructed him to build a temple on the rock where he can find him as deity.  And the temple came into existence.  Some people say there are marks of his sickle somewhere on the rock. 

I am visiting this place for more than two decades.  The jatara would start on the day of Holi.   Ritually on the first day of jatara, the rich and powerful in the nearby villages come in/with decorated bullock carts called “prabha bandlu” and encircle round the rock on which the temple is located.  As this affair being turned to be a political show of strength, causing clashes at the place, this year it was not permitted. As the jatara was held for a short period there would be heavy rush.  In the earlier years people were allowed to enter the sanctum sanctorum for paid ‘archana’.  As I felt definite divine vibrations in there, and also few wishes fulfilled, my visits became regular. As years passed by, the development activity is going on and there are a lot of changes in the place and persons conducting rituals.  As the number of people visiting is increased, commercialization has crept in and the place seemed to lose its peacefulness.
These were steps for entrance previously.  Now this is for exit

Any jatara will be best opportunity for the people in surrounding villages for social outing and religious activity.  The makeshift shops offer variety of merchandise to those living in remote places.  It also offers some entertainment activity for the kids.  Visiting jatara will enhance spiritual experience.

The little boy was crying, I said, smile I will shoot.  He readily
obliged and his sister joined.
Women selling puffed rice are seen.  This is bought by all who
visit jatara and taken home as 'prasadam'

Kids and adults enjoy the ride very much
This is for kids only

These are sacred threads.  People tie around the wrist.
Varying red color kumkum is used for worship and for

Idols of different Gods for sale
Sweetmeat shops will be plenty and colorful sweets are sold
Kitchen utensils for sale
Girls buying trinkets
Colorful bangle shops attract many women
As we were returning this is taken from moving vehicle

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